July 5, 2001

By fax: 416-971-1360
Dr. Robert Birgeneau
University of Toronto
Room 206, Simcoe Hall
27 King’s College Circle
Toronto, ON M5S 1A1

Dear President Birgeneau:

We would like to ask a third time for an opportunity to meet with you to discuss the treatment of Dr. David Healy by the University of Toronto and the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health.

CAUT views the actions of the University and its affiliated teaching hospital to be one of the gravest violations of academic freedom we have encountered in the history of our organization. Since we first wrote to you in March, you have had considerable time to review what has happened. We have done the same. Everything we have learned only intensifies our concerns about the actions of University and CAMH officials.

We would like to have a frank discussion with you about what happened and whether the University and CAMH are determined to maintain their position that nothing inappropriate occurred. A number of very serious issues are at stake: the University’s commitment to academic freedom, the University’s obligations to assure that academic freedom is respected by its affiliated institutions, the University’s policy and procedure for revoking contracts and its obligation to assure that its affiliated institutions respect appropriate appointment and dismissal procedures.

Whether we conclude by agreeing or disagreeing, we believe that it would be mutually beneficial to have an opportunity to discuss what happened to Dr. Healy. Please advise us whether or not you are willing to meet, and, if so, what dates would be convenient.

Yours truly,

Thomas Booth

James L. Turk
Executive Director